Andy the Doorbum​/​Yardwork Split

by Andy the Doorbum

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The Andy the Doorbum side of the Andy the Doorbum/Yardwork split 7 inch released on Self Aware Records.


released July 10, 2011

Written and Recorded by Andy the Doorbum.
Performed by Andy the Doorbum except where noted.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Medicamentum
It says to take one, so I take ten.
It don't seem wrong until I fall.
For thirteen years I couldn't remember a thing.
Suddenly I can see it all.

It says "take one" so I take ten.
Who knows if I'll ever see anyone again.
Oh, but I told them I would call.

When I get to a place where they have phones.
Out in the Arctic building steeples.
There isn't any place in this whole world
Free of gods or people.
We've slept too long here in the lion's den.
It says "take one." Oh, but we take them all.
There's nothing left now but a hole to Hell.
How much you wanna bet we fall?

It says "take one" so I take ten.
Who knows if I'll ever see anything again.
And will it matter then at all?

They cut us all a deal on sheep skin.
And for them we built up a mighty wall.
Evolved to run at miraculous speeds.
What does that matter when we crawl in a stall?

It says "take one" so I take ten.
Track Name: The Great Spirit
I picked up a stone and I threw that rock for all that it was worth.
It climbed up toward the Lord, struck an eagle, then it fell back down to Earth.
And it soared when it fell, much like when it was alive.
And its spirit comes to haunt me as I lie awake at night.
Oh God, he asks for nothing but a word.
You stole my friends and family, and all I've taken from you is that bird...

I'm proud for what I've done and feel great shame for that which I have not.
One thousand years of peace in exchange for the billions made of rot.
And I'll tirelessly scour the earth and sea for that mound of gold you bestowed unto man.
But all I've found so far are piles of sand.
Oh Lord, if you can hear me, please guide my knife and bless where it will land.

And an angel sings as he gets the wings
Stolen from that eagle lying in the dirt.
"La la la la la la la..."
That's all I heard.
May your nest lay empty.
May rodents eat the eggs that you have birthed.
And God, if you can hear me, I would trade my spot in Heaven for that bird.

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