The Salisbury EP

by Andy the Doorbum

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This is an Out of Print EP release by Andy the Doorbum. Super Rare!


released August 30, 2008

Written, Recorded, and Performed by Andy the Doorbum.


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Walking Gallows
Handsomeness is simple, its the key.
You talk too much for your expertise.
You do your laundry, you don't need the quarters.
A little tremble when you get your orders.
You got your war ship, now get the paddle.
Let's see you take those good looks into a battle.

You better watch out.

Send your condescending glance at me.
I perfected mine to suit my needs.
Climbing the gutter to get a better view.
Your bedroom is lit up like an open venue.
Neither has the right. Not you nor your stalker.
You'll come to terms with it when old, in a walker.
Singing the 'age has robbed my beauty' song.
Look, oh, just look where your good looks have gone.
Time to realize where the moral has gotten to.
Look, oh, just look where your good looks have gotten you...

You better watch out.
Track Name: Breakfast
(Prove to me you are a warrior
And I will shower your Army with nerve toxins.
Prove to me you are a predator in instinct
And I will find you a small tribe to bring you worship.
And then to some distant shore
I will ask you to take this tribe and this army, and storm it.
And should you not, I would ask my own eight cannibal societies, that they might rush upon you with blades and sharpened teeth.
And if it be so, if it be a marking carved in a tree,
I will have three wives and outlive them all.
And long after the seeds are planted and the women are buried, I'll take my white hair out for a hunt everyday at four in the morning.
And if it be so, if a kill should come up,
Well, then it too will be buried, not eaten...)

Naturally occurring forest fires should be allowed to burn.
Have you ever tried it?
Naturally occurring forest fires should be allowed to burn.
Maybe I'll prescribe it.

Naturally, we should not be afraid of fire
When we'd be dead without the sun.
Naturally occurring forest fires should be allowed to burn.
And I think that I'm one.
Track Name: How To Use Loosefill Peanuts
The train is moving much, much slower
Slower than I am.
I'd tell you that I won't regret it
But I would be lying.
The tension adds up, now somebody's getting evicted.
I spent the last of all my money
So now I will smoke it.

Does Paris feel good in the summer?
Right now I should be in New Orleans.
The cloud is a roll, sky is butter.
And you hang my head over water.
The train's on a bridge we are crossing.
Imagine, but I still don't see it.
I'm falling off. I do not feel it.
But still I know its realer than Hell.

I tried to navigate unsurpassable darkness.
Once it is lit, if you burn it, watch your step.
I went to swim in the gulf of the Mexican.
Or so I thought, wants combating what I got.
Tales in the sand, the road warriors of Baja.
Why aren't I there? Why am I not?
Why isn't it moving north
Maybe half way, to meet me.
Like a good friend.
Like a kind, fine, sweet, nice friend.
Until the end...
So it begins...

And someday I'll be rich
But I don't know what it means
To be happy, happy, happy.
Zit between my shoulder blades
I know what it means
To be happy, happy, happy.
Tosses you a nugget that you better believe.
You say "I know, I know, I know."
Sharpened cartilage point and it is cherishing me
As a rhino, rhino, rhino.
Rhinoceros... I heard you're going extinct.
Like the Florida Panther and its hide that's still soaking in my American kitchen sink.
Rhino, rhino, rhino, rhinoceros.
You're a pretty blue.
Like the tiger they caught on a lonely east U.S. mountain.
Let's prey to whoever or whatever,
That it escaped from a zoo.

I'm ratting out my accomplices
Because they deserve it.
And we have fire for a reason
So let's fucking burn it.
I saw you tamper with my torches
So I will release you
To the custody of dying machines.
The kerosene heater.

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