Thought is Digestion

by Andy the Doorbum

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Two Andy the Doorbum EPs released on one Out of Print cassette tape by Slanty Shanty Records.


released February 12, 2010

"Thought EP" Written, Recorded, and Performed by Andy the Doorbum.
"Digestion EP" Written by Andy the Doorbum.
Recorded by Mat Ranck.
Performed by Andy the Doorbum, Wyley Buck Boswell, Robert Childers, and Randy Saxon.
Released by Slanty Shanty Records.



all rights reserved


Andy the Doorbum Charlotte, North Carolina

Life is a War. Art is the Weapon. Create or Perish.

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Track Name: Warble
(So I says to myself, I says, "Self! What's there to live for if not to create?)

I got bed sores on my hip bones.
Little caverns. Sweet kisses from the nurses.
Lots of bed rest. Lying there and looking dumb.

I got rug burns on my elbows.
Been caught crawling toward the heaven out that window.
Isopropyl. Lots of pills and isopropyl.

You picked your dog but I think you got the one with the colic.
Thought it was love and then fucked out a maggot.
Just ignore it. Gyrating. Gestating, oh...
Soon she'll be a fly.

Now this surgery that becomes us will take what's left so goddamnit, sing a chorus!

Soon she'll be a fly!
And soon she'll die up against that window...
Track Name: The Man Upstairs
You can only be as quiet as the man that you're hiding in your attic is...
Cause if he loses it...
Then they're gonna hear some steps, or they're gonna hear some rummaging in the ceiling.
And you'll be suspected of treason, among other things.
And you'll never see your folks again.
Or your kids, or whatever it is...
That made you compassionate enough...

To let a man go crawling up your attic...
Track Name: How We Get Things
Judge your surroundings by the manner in which your enemy carries his gun.
I'll rush to aid you with my bayonet and salute you after you're slain.

This is, by the far, the worst infection to ever sweep our camp.

After you fell we went down to the river and there we attempted to run.
My barrel melted, my shot all used up, and my powder getting moist... with my own blood.

This is, by far, the worst infection to ever sweep our camp.

I saw my reflection in the crystal water, then I turned it red.
Me and the General, both with blank looks on our faces.

This is, by far, the most glorious death to hit our ranks...
Track Name: Scalps
I will drive the dagger as far as it will go.
Mention me when you get there so that they will know
That the awkwardness and the accidents
Are like perfumed hair in golden curls
On a scalp that I touched once but never again.
It got tangled in the mess attached to my skin.

Fall and hit your face some so you can learn and grow.
Til the sky falls and ruins all your fancy clothes
That you wore to bed.
That you're sleeping in.
Sometimes that's the way it goes.

Like the scalp that I touched once but never again.
I was careless with it. I dug my fingers in.
Track Name: April 25th
There are six shots in my revolver.
In my Mom's shotgun, there's two.
And if that's not enough, there must've been nine of you.
There were lights coming from the barn all last night.
I watched them, afraid, but still focused.
I took ill the next day but nobody noticed.

So now its come to this and that.
There's nothing in between.
I was born the same day that they first used the guillotine.
I set a flame in the yard. It crept toward the barn.
All inside surely must have suffered.
So I went to bed. Later on the wind shifted the smoke and I smothered.

Cry me a river, then sell me a boat.
Track Name: Love Song For Killers (Carl Panzram)
My love's allusive like a traveling killer.
So darling shed those tears.
Scratch your initials into my shoulder so I know you were here.
Make it impressive in the simplest way
So that even if its a trick you will say...
"Some things were meant to be. Meant to happen."
Yeah, well, I have my doubts.
Experience is like falling down a well...
You go in... You don't come out.

You want to try me and convict me of sin.
Men died before, and they will die again.
The luckiest will be the workers, too tired to think of the shit we're all in.

They stole our daughters. Slaughtered our sons, oh...
They silenced every lip.
They left our homes in a burning pile.
Our bread soaked with their spit.

The peasants once held fear for the dragon,
Now they chase him around.
And I've grown so sick of the Devil dumbing my wrong doings down.
I'll take the blame. Yeah, I'll take the credit.
After all, it is mine.
Sometimes to learn you have to fall down a mountain you always dreamed you climb.

I've tried you all, you've been convicted of sin.
I've killed before, and I will kill again.
The memory is all that matters.
Whether it be through the eyes of your killer or your kin.
Track Name: Ode to Cassettes
War trades a tape deck to CD conversion.
I am the product of Cassette Generation.
I like my magnetic tape.
Don't take it away.

Price is the center of basis.
Don't you dare be late.

High price tags. Photocopies. Static. Erasures.
Sweat. Bullets. Money. Crime.
Courts. Suits. Cursors.
When we leave we will not wait.
Don't you dare be late.

War makes lives marketed to upgrade conversions.
I am the product of a dead generation.

I like my magnetic tape.
Don't take it away.
Track Name: Dutchmans Creek
Went to sleep on a stone. Now that's all that I own.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Got this locket of gold that I'll sell when I'm old.
And I'll worship with the spirits that come around a couple days before I'm done.

Oh dynamite, benevolent aggressor.
Oh aspirin, relieve our pains and sorrows.
Forty foot crane, pull her soul from the river.
Though she won't be found alive, just know they will drag God up with her.

That old house down the road.
Oh, so very long ago.
She collapsed on herself.
And I pray every night to the shadows in the light.
And I sing for my health, not for anything else.

And oh, we know. They've shown us what's at stake.
And oh, we know there's nothing left to take.

Oh dynamite, benevolent aggressor.
Oh alcohol, relieve our pains and sorrows.
Forty foot crane, dredging the flooded isthmus.
Though we're all they will drag up,
Just know that God was drowning with us.
Track Name: Phosphorus Necrosis
Take off your desert and put it in the closet.
You can die of thirst tomorrow.
Your phossy jaw smells garlicy.
So as not sadden you I will say,
"You're looking better everyday."

Let that scorpion in, and if he should sting you...
Well, then you must deserve it, to fail his excellent judge of character.
I'll be there by tomorrow...
If you're not still swollen, cause if you are I don't want to lie and say,
"You're looking better everyday..."
Track Name: Jumpsuit
I'm not alone when I'm with you.
A psychotropic night. It made the world turn blue.
I'm not alone when I'm with you.

I'll rub your face down in that festive pile of shit.
Oh, you'll never get away with it.
I'll suck the marrow out from in your bones.
I'd rather be alive than not alone.

So when I finally come to, through filmy eyes.
Yeah, if I do I'll be surprised.
That devil spoke your name.
Said you been spreading lies.
Yeah, if I do I'll be surprised.
Track Name: Look Up Cumbre Vieja
I had a coral pearl.
The desert turned it black.
The good lord saved my soul.
The devil won it back.
I'm on the edge of falling and making waves.
Coincidentally, so is La Palma, Spain.

Goodbye from Cumbre Vieja.
I hope that she don't miss.
I've never seen the island.
But I'll blow it a kiss.
Track Name: Surrender...March
Track Name: Wallet
When the paramedics pull up to the scene at the red light.
And they put that white sheet over me as soon as they arrive.
Where will the things in my wallet go after I die?

Then they take the next step and they notify my family.
They say, "There is a problem. You probably ought to come down..."
To the morgue where we've already stripped everything of his body."
And what, oh, what have they done with the things that they've found?

Where do the things in my wallet go after I die?
Track Name: Gaston County
Take your medicine out your pockets
And sell it to the kids.
They need a little something.
Once upon a time they walked with God,
Now they're fucking human.
Hope you taught them that what they're consuming
Dictates how much they'll shit.

Got a job down in the Piedmont.
Gaston County.
They used to have the textile mills,
Now all they got's strip malls and unemployment.
Thank god that the stores import from China,
Cause at least that shit is cheap.

I met a girl selling her pussy on the street.
She told me that nothing in this life is free.
I said, "You know, that's true."
And that's what I meant.
And then that whore actually had the nerve to ask for fifty cents.

I will probably say this a thousand times before its dry and cold and lost its flavor...

What you consume dictates what you shit.