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'P' is for the 'Pot' that I 'put' in my 'pill' bottles

from The Doorbooth Album (You're Going Crazy And I'm Coming With You) by Andy the Doorbum

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The second track off the first Andy the Doorbum full length "The Doorbooth Album (You're Going Crazy, And I'm Coming With You)"


Let's say you're walking to a dangling payphone and there's someone on the other line that desperately needs your help.

Question is, do you help them....or hang up and call the cops?

The log is floating on, so it looks like the ants are going with it

A Thundererous sound, but they don't see a goddamn thing so

They push it, they push it, they push it, they push it, they push it, they push it, they push it, and yet nothing happens.

Oh wait, there's just one tiny thing that does..

The world's a living hell, so it looks like we're all a-going with it.

Find someone to help you hide your home,

Cause there's a barricade of people in the mouths of those demons.

It's coming back to tell you that you need everything you've got just to take that tape from your lips to put them on the lids of your eyes,

To make sure that they remain open.

Crash your car into the first solid thing that you see!!

I'm a believer brother! But only because you're so convincing.

Oh, wait. There's just one little thing that wasn't.

If you plan to stick around, you better bring something better than those pacifier drugs.

Because the dogs are coming down, and they're sniffing up the measure of whatever you're worth.

They've got vicious panting teeth that bite so ambitious,

You turn to pat their heads acting so ambitious,

You offer open hand, they lick so ambitious,

They taste your oily fear, tasting so delicious...and careless.

Oh you're careless, you're careless, you're careless, you're careless, you're careless for letting this happen..

To the people that you love that once loved....you.

Some people find living next to a cemetery disturbing because they’re so close to dead rotting bodies.

They don’t stop to think that they’re even closer to dead people whilst walking through their local shopping super center.

So grab that shovel…and join the dig.

This is it. Here it comes. Through the grass. Sirens!

Ahhh don’t you know the ‘that hurts’ grin?

If you’re not persistent enough, well, they will push you in.

Got calculators to sort out this sort of predicament,

Cattle eat their own cud, and we eat them.

I believe dinosaurs did not exist, because the bible didn’t say so,




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Andy the Doorbum

Andy the Doorbum has been writing and recording his own music since he was 9 years old.
His discography ranges from eccentric lo-fi caterwauling to lush self-recorded pieces described as "filling a darkening void with a pitch black effort." All of this is done with the goal of finding the beauty in the ugly reality of the world. Growth from upheaval. Art for survival. Creativity or extinction. ... more

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