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Black Bile

by Andy the Doorbum

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Black Bile is a somber reflection on my dealings with depression and anxiety in my life. If you've dealt with this, please know you are not alone.

The title comes from the origins of the word melancholy. “Melancholy" derives from Greek μέλαινα χολή (melaina kholé) meaning 'black bile'. This originated in humorism theory, a system of medicine detailing the makeup and workings of the human body, adopted by Ancient Greek and Roman physicians and philosophers. The four humors were a proto-psychological classification of character types. The four types were:
* melancholic
* phlegmatic
* choleric
* sanguine
These four types were derived and connected respectively to the following four bodily fluids, an excess or deficiency of which determined the type of humor:
* Black Bile: Depression was attributed to excess or unnatural black bile secreted by the spleen.
* Phlegm: Phlegm was thought to be associated with apathetic behavior
* Yellow Bile: Excess of yellow bile was thought to produce aggression, and reciprocally excess anger to cause liver derangement and imbalances in the humors.
* Blood: The blood was believed to be produced exclusively by the liver. It was associated with a sanguine nature (enthusiastic, active, and social).

Here’s to being filled with dry, cold Earth.


Sometimes I want to die
But I wake up anyway
With the sun shining through the leaves
And this beating heart inside of me
That I imagine's riddled with disease
Til I roll over and go back to sleep

I read about your death
The moment that I opened up my eyes
And my thoughts turned to you
The very least that I could do
But never once did I break down and cry
I just felt happy to still be alive

And now and then I feel so numb
Because I don't know what else I could feel
But time keeps dragging on
Like the looping verses of a song
Echoed in my head ad infinitum
So I make up the words and sing along


released October 2, 2020
Written, Performed, Recorded, and Mixed by Andy the Doorbum.
"Mastered" by Anna Kohlweis.
Cover Art by Andy the Doorbum.


all rights reserved



Andy the Doorbum

Andy the Doorbum has been writing and recording his own music since he was 9 years old.
His discography ranges from eccentric lo-fi caterwauling to lush self-recorded pieces described as "filling a darkening void with a pitch black effort." All of this is done with the goal of finding the beauty in the ugly reality of the world. Growth from upheaval. Art for survival. Creativity or extinction. ... more

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